Top Cleaner takes care of clean roofs at Delta View Farms

In British Columbia, Delta View Farms grows different kinds of tomatoes under modern circumstances in high-tech greenhouses. The company purchased a Top Cleaner to make sure the crops would get enough light. Eric Schlacht, President of Delta View Farms, indicates the machine functions very well. "Our greenhouse roof has never been cleaner since we started using it."

Delta View Farms, a family company established in Delta, B.C., is one of the leading tomato growers in the area. They have joined forces with Windset Farms to sell their products. At a location of over 7 hectares, they grow beefsteak tomatoes, plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. In the next few years, the company will try and double their area. The company recently bought a Top Cleaner to make sure their crops could grow well.

Sound construction

"The machine has a sound construction and the control is very simple. We commissioned the machine ourselves in a short time. A minor problem we experienced was solved very quickly. We called Van der Waay's helpdesk and they helped us getting our machine 'up and running'. Van der Waay has a new and very satisfied customer in Canada and I will certainly recommend the company and its products", concludes Eric Schlacht.