Long-term relation leads to investments for Belgian and American greenhouses

John Vermeiren, (co-)owner of tomato nurseries in Belgium and the United States, has been satisfied with their cooperation with Van der Waay and has worker with their machines for years. That's why it was a logical step to purchase the new Top Cleaner for his tomato nurseries in both Belgium and the US.

At three locations, in Wuustwezel and Merksplas in Belgium, and in the American state of New York, south from Lake Ontario, John Vermeiren and his co-shareholders own three tomato companies. These companies grow a large variety of all kinds of tomatoes. Both at the companies VW Tuinderijen and Hortipower in Belgium, as well at Intergrow Greenhouses in the US, Vermeiren decided to invest in Top Cleaner roof cleaners.

Listen to our wishes

"We have worked with Van der Waay for over 20 years now, and it's been a pleasant cooperation. It's a company with people that really listen to our wishes, and they always strive for improvements. That's why it hasn't taken a long time for us to decide and invest in their newest roof cleaner. These machines have been operational for quite some time now, and we clearly see the improvement."

Better dirt removal

Vermeiren can also indicate on what area this improvement is visible. "You can clearly see dirt is removed more effectively by the automatically turning gutter brush and drained through the gutters. Besides that, the machines are less susceptible to malfunctions. We experienced more reel malfunctions with the previous roof cleaners. We also see more rinse water on the glass." Because of all these improvements, the companies of Vermeiren use the Top Cleaner more often.