Flexibility and powerful cleaning are major assets for Gartenbau Bauer

At tomato grower Gartenbau Bauer in Austrian Vienna, owner Stefan Bauer is very satisfied with his Top Cleaner. The company grows two kinds of mini tomatoes on a very large area, being San Marzano and Mini Ovalis - at which both cleaning and coating the greenhouses is very important to arrange the amount of light in the greenhouse.

Because of the good cooperation with his neighbour, Heinrich Weichselbaum, Stefan Bauer decided to invest in the Top Cleaner together. Weichselbaum's company also grows vine tomatoes - type Ovalis Paradeiser - on an area of 4 hectares of modern greenhouses. "I cleaned my greenhouse in the first week after delivery of the Top Cleaner, and I sprayed a coating the following week. I really like the simple control of the machine", as says Stefan Bauer from Gartenbau Bauer GmbH from Vienna.

Good light conditions

"When growing mini tomatoes, the crops need a lot of attention and care. The small tomatoes ripen very quickly and you have to harvest a couple of times a week. And that's no problem, because the plants grow more quickly when you do well and the light conditions are good. We treat the crops in a way the tomatoes on the plant get as much sun as possible. And at the same time, it is very important to keep the greenhouse roof as clean as possible."

You can control it yourself

"I've had my greenhouse cleaned for years, but the greenhouses have never been cleaner since Heinrich and I have our own Top Cleaner. We have a number of different peak heights together, so we have to move the machine quite often. Rehanging the system is very easy though. We are therefore very glad to have our own roof cleaner now, so we can decide when we want to clean or spray the roof.