AquaJets make a clean start at Costa's tomato nurseries

Costa, the largest horticultural holding of Australia and supplier of fresh products, recently started using two AquaJets. The grower of tomatoes, among others, uses the machines to clean the inside of the greenhouse during crop rotation. The greenhouse roof on the inside, as well as the crop gutters, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with the AquaJets.

"The purchase of the AquaJets has been a very good move. At first, we had to find out how to deal with the condensation gutters, but we have now found a good method and cleaning is very effective", as says Peter Davis, WHS Manager for the tomato division at Costa's. Moreover, the company's employees are impressed by the capacity of the machine and by its finish.

Less work effort

"We selected the AquaJets because this would enable us to clean the insides our greenhouse roof and the crop gutters in an efficient and safe way. Because we can now use the AquaJets, we have been able to decrease our work effort significantly during crop rotation. Their response: 'AquaJets are awesome. Works really well', says it all. Moreover, we can also use this machine to protect our people a lot better when applying the cleaning agents. It is so much easier to properly clean the inside of the greenhouse at places that are hard to reach", as says Peter Davis.

Largest grower and trader

Costa managers and exploits multiple nurseries and greenhouse complexes throughout Australia. The company focuses on the cultivation of four core categories: berries, mushrooms, tomatoes in hotbeds and citrus fruits. Besides growing fresh products, Costa is also the leading supplier and partner for the delivery and trade of fresh products for Australian food retails. In Australia, Costa is a synonym for fresh fruits and vegetables, while the company surely but slowly starts developing its activities internationally as well. The turnover of the listed horticultural and trade company was over 700 million Australian dollars in 2015.