Top Cleaners and AquaJets clean greenhouses Nature Fresh Farms Leamington

NatureFresh™ Farms is one of the largest independent greenhouse vegetable growers in Canada and the US. The company strives for the best possible crop quality at the lowest possible cost by investing in automation and the latest (greenhouse) techniques. Among these techniques are several Top Cleaners and some AquaJets from Van der Waay.

Originally from Canada, NatureFresh has locations in Leamington (Canada) and Ohio (United States), where it grows (snack) tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. For washing the greenhouse cover and cleaning the inside of the greenhouses, the company uses several Top Cleaners and a few AquaJets.

Cleaning and coating
Because NatureFresh is a growing company, Van der Waay placed the Top Cleaners at different moments in time. The cultivation company uses the Top Cleaners to make the roofs of the greenhouses spotless again, but also to apply coatings to the greenhouse roof. In order to thoroughly clean the inside of the greenhouses during the crop rotation, the company purchased the AquaJets from Van der Waay.

Remotely controllable
NatureFresh employees can also operate the roof washers and coating machines via their smartphones. This makes it possible for one employee to operate several Top Cleaners at the same time. In the event of a malfunction, Van der Waay can remotely log into the system to quickly determine the cause of the problem.