One greenhouse rooftop cleaner keeps three RedStar greenhouses clean

RedStar, a specialist in flavour tomatoes, grows, packages and sells various tomato varieties all year round. The company is always looking for the best flavour tomatoes by selecting new varieties and performing quality and taste tests. In order to achieve this high quality during cultivation, the sunlight must be able to reach the tomato plants. Van der Waay's Top Cleaner ensures that the greenhouse cover remains clean, so that sufficient daylight is guaranteed.

RedStar has a total cultivation area of 73 hectares, divided over cultivation locations in Tinte-Oostvoorne, Luttelgeest and Dinteloord. In addition, the tomato grower cooperates with growing locations in Morocco and there is a extensive cooperation with Thanet Earth in England.

Crossing platform
At the growing location in Dinteloord there are three greenhouses of ten hectares each. RedStar purchased the Top Cleaner for the cleaning of the greenhouse covers at this location. Van der Waay installed a special platform that hangs on a rail between the end walls of the three different greenhouses. This allows the greenhouse rooftop cleaner to 'cross' to the next greenhouse after cleaning the first greenhouse.

Rotation function
RedStar has two of these platforms to drive the Top Cleaner from one greenhouse to another. This allows the company to move one greenhouse rooftop cleaner from the first, via the second, to the third greenhouse. To ensure that the machine can also return to the first or second greenhouse, Van der Waay built a unique lifting and turning function in the platforms. This makes it possible to turn the greenhouse cover cleaner 180 degrees, so that it can return to the previously washed greenhouses.