Top Cleaner takes a flight on greenhouse rooftop Schenkeveld Schiphol

The aim of tomato grower Schenkeveld is to achieve the best possible result with as few raw materials as possible. By investing in people and technology, Schenkeveld works on operational excellence in the cultivation of its vine tomatoes. One of the investments in technology that Schenkeveld made was the purchase of the Top Cleaner to wash the covers of the two greenhouses at the Schiphol site.

Schenkeveld has a passion for perfection and strives for perfection in all its tomatoes. The cultivation company has an eye for all details in the process. A clean greenhouse cover is certainly part of this. To achieve perfection in this area too, the grower uses Van der Waay's Top Cleaner.

Van der Waay built a special platform for Schenkeveld, which hangs between the two greenhouses in Schiphol, with a unique lifting and turntable. With the help of this platform, the greenhouse rooftop cleaner can turn 180 degrees and make the crossing from one greenhouse to the other. This allows the cultivation company to clean both greenhouse decks with one Top Cleaner.