Australian herbs grower very satisfied with result of greenhouse roof cleaner

At Freshzest, one of the premium culinary herb growers of Australia, the installation of the Top Cleaner was welcomed by everyone. According to Daniel Taikato of Australian technical supplier Powerplants, Van der Waay's machine was a true bonanza. "I'm very sure the Top Cleaner will become a bestseller here. Freshzest's maintenance manager Peter Murphy loves this machine from top to bottom."

Freshzest has one of the biggest culinary herb nurseries in Australia. Today, more than 15 herb races for the catering industry are available under the Freshzest label. In 2008, the company built a new 10,000 square metres greenhouse, and another 16,000 square metres expansion is added to that because of the increasing demand. Because of the climatological circumstances, the northern part of North South Wales, where Freshzest is established, it is very important to keep the greenhouse roof clean. That's why the company looked for an effective and sustainable solution. The Australian Powerplants, supplier of a large number of products and services in horticulture technology, proposed a Van der Waay roof cleaner.

Simple to install

"Peter Murphy was surprised how easy it was to commission the Top Cleaner. No hassle with difficult adjustments and fine tuning. Just connect it to the Georgia spray cart, fill the tank, start the generator and start cleaning! It's as simple as that!", as says Taikato from Powerplants. "The assembly of the delivered service rail was also very easy. I did it together with Peter, and we also fixed the end stops together. Before I reached the premises, Peter had already placed the machine and tested it on four peaks. This shows how easy it is to commission this machine yourself."

High profit and large savings

The result was the best of all. Everyone clearly noticed the Top Cleaner really cleans the glass very well, so the profit will increase with 40%. It also leads to enormous savings for Freshzest, because they no longer have to hire materials and contract workers to take care of cleaning."