About us

From start-up to

worldwide market leader

Van der Waay has developed the best machines to clean, coat, maintain and repaid greenhouses for over 25 years now. We have grown from a start-up in 1989 to worldwide market leader. And to be honest, we're quite proud of that!


Joost van der Waay was the first to develop an automatic greenhouse roof washing machine for Venlo greenhouses that actually works.


Van der Waay sells its first greenhouse roof cleaner to a contract worker


Van der Waay starts its own contracting company and starts cleaning greenhouses. First in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe at a later time. The construction of the machines is outsourced to third parties. Van der Waay does continue the development of the machines though. Van der Waay uses the customers' feedback to keep developing better machines; the roof cleaners get lighter and more reliable.


Van der Waay builds the first greenhouse roof cleaner for wide-span greenhouses and uses it for contract work.


Van der Waay joins forces with AVAG and TNO to develop a number of standard requirements that a service rail has to comply with. A number of requirements regarding the maximum allowed weight of machines on the roof is also recorded.


We start constructing our own machines again. The design is also adjusted to the new requirements.


Van der Waay introduces the Top Cleaner, the top model among the roof cleaners. The machine becomes a worldwide hit. The machine can also be used to coat the roof.


Van der Waay introduces the Top Cleaner Poly; a roof cleaner for poly greenhouses.


Van der Waay develops the AquaJet; a machine to clean the inside of the greenhouse. The machine is a real success.


Van der Waay has moved to its new factory and is celebrating its 30th anniversary.


Van der Waay has supplied and installed machines in more than 60 countries.